Modern Night Club Design

La Cova Night Club” is a new breakthrough in interior design that emerged from Elia Felices. The interior design of this bar is located in Mataro, nearBarcelonaLa Cova Night Club is equipped with variable lighting, furniture designed exclusively by the studio, and the shapes and colors that mimic the ice cave.
The interior is a flowing space with different areas, most of which open and easy to move around, creating a circuit in which people can interact. To emphasize this ease of movement in public areas, the front is made of transparent glass. The project was organized as a long space on a single level that allows for rational distribution and intense client. There are several different areas: thislocker room and ticket office on one side of the entrance. Curved wall with an elegant blue velvet curtain takes us through the same door with the façade and to the dancefloor where the two bars with a long-term counter along the side of good, and the entrance to the toilet is also here. Cabin DJ and regions to the audience were behind, while the stage in the middle. The most limited area, changing rooms and warehouse, located in the deepest recesses of the place. This is design bar La Cova Night Club in Barcelona by Elia Felices


12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake

12. Creating Clutter and Disorganization

clutter design 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
One of the biggest interior design mistakes people make while interior decorating is cluttering the home with too much accessories and items. Cluttering can make the room appearance smaller and even bring anxiety if not handled properly. Eliminate extra and useless items that you never or seldom use; it will provide you more living space. You can avoid this by buying only those things that you absolutely love and you think is essential for the room.

11. Choosing Improper Height to Hang Artwork

improperhandartwork 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
Another pitfall which is often observed while interior decorating is hanging artwork on improper height that are either too low or too high. Selecting an elegant artwork that complements the room style and surface with a correct proportion is decisive to format the appearance of the walls. It will certainly give an aesthetically and pleasant appearance to your room.

10. Buying paint before fabrics and furniture

top 10 interior 10 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
Colour will always be one of the most important decisions in the designing process. Do not rush it. Not only is painting the most time consuming, but it’s also the most permanent of all your decisions. A table or couch can easily be moved, but paint is another story. Be sure to pick the furniture and other accessories for the room, and then take pieces of fabric from them to match to the paint that fits the best. You will find it much easier to match the paint to the furniture, rather than the other way around.

9. Bad Lighting

top 10 interior 9 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
Every project can look good in the dark, but what happens when you turn the lights on? As you design your projects, don’t forget to keep in mind one of the most important features of a room. You will find that lighting makes or breaks a project. The lighting is truly the emotion of the room. You don’t want the room to be so bright you feel like you’re in a lightning bolt, but at the same time too little lighting will cause the room to have a gloomy feel. There is a grand variety of lighting fixtures to choose from, so don’t be afraid of a little research

8. Colour co-ordination

top 10 interior 8 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
The colour of a room is not solely depicted by the paint on the walls. The shades and tints in the furniture will greatly influence the mood. Be sure not to over-do the room using just reds if you want a red room. Add contrasts and compliments in your colouring schemes and you won’t regret it. Most home-improvement retailers have colour swatches and samples that will help you choose the best colours for your room.

7. Over-furnishing a room

top 10 interior 7 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
It has been said that your bedroom reflects your state of mind. A room that is overcrowded with coffee tables, couches, footstools, paper baskets or whatever, can cause the mind to feel the same way. Be sure to leave plenty of walking space. Stay away from the tendency to fill in the empty spaces. Leave some room. It will be much easier for you to relax and kick back.

6. Getting furniture without first checking room dimensions

top 10 interior 6 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
Oversized furniture takes its toll on rooms. It will make the room appear small and cramped if not handled correctly. There is nothing wrong with large furniture if the room can handle it. Using smaller furniture will open up a room and give it a roomy feel. WARNING! Be sure that your furniture will fit through the door.

5. Not paying attention to acoustics

top 10 interior 5 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
How you arrange the room for acoustics may be one of the more difficult decisions. This will be most important for the theatre or entertainment rooms. Nothing is more important than sound when it comes to watching a movie. Don’t use a lot of hard surfaces in the theater rooms that allows the sound waves continue to bounce around. Capture them with carpets and soft sofas. Hardwood floors look great in living spaces, but you may want to throw a few rugs on the floor to keep the noise down. You may be surprised at how important acoustics really are.

4. Not involving nature

top 10 interior 4 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
One of the greatest ways to improve the feel of a room is to add a few plants here and there. Adding plants creates a more natural feel to the room, and with the right plants, you will have a new and refreshing essence to fill the air. When designing a room, never forget to include the five senses in your decision making.

3. Not allowing enough time for the design process

top 10 interior 2 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
It is not a race to the finish. Effective interior designing requires a lot of planning and organization. If you rush through a few steps, you may find yourself making decisions that have unfortunate consequences. So be careful!

2. Placing photos too high on the walls

top 10 interior 3 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
Where your art/photos go on the walls is completely up to you. It is different for everyone. Keep in mind how tall the people you want looking at these are. Too low and your visitors will go away with a bad back; too high and they won’t even try. The height of the photos will also format the appearance of the wall, making it seem taller or shorter.

1. Not using mirrors

top 10 interior 1 12 Avoidable Interior Design Mistake
Mirrors are a bit under-rated. Using mirrors will make rooms appear much more spacious. The lack of mirrors or windows seems to give the room a boxy feel. Don’t hesitate to hang a decorative mirror or two on your walls. Be creative. You can find many different shapes and sizes of mirrors at your local home-improvement retailers. Not only will your room look bigger, but it will also make the room brighter as it reflects the lighting.
The ultimate goal of interior design is to create a more functional and aesthetically appealing look for your home. The above mentioned points are some common mistakes that people generally make while decorating their home designs. Getting the help of a professional interior decorator is a worthwhile option to avoid these common mistakes.
Wilson Associates
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Design Fees: $43.000
Value Installed: $3,000.00
Sq. Feet Installed: NR
Design Staff: 287
Rank 2011: 11


Top 10 interior designers of West Coast

Barbara Barry, Los Angeles

A California native, Barbara Barry opened her business in 1986. She says her guideposts for good design are color, calm, form and line. Over the years, Barry has gathered a star-studded clientele including financierEli Broad, Miami Heat basketball coach Pat Riley and talent managerMichael Ovitz

Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, San Francisco


For more than 25 years, the Cuban-born Orlando Diaz-Azcuy has been an interior designer and architect. He founded his own firm and has collected a client base that is who's who of San Francisco, though he is reluctant to divulge specific names. His prominent commercial projects include the Los Angeles offices of entertainment mogul Marvin Davisand the donors' lounge at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House. 


Illya Hendrix and Thomas Allardyce, Los Angeles

© Mary E. Nichols

Partners since 1978, Illya Hendrix and Thomas Allardyce have designed homes throughout California as well as abroad, including Australia and Saudi Arabia. High-profile clients include Dennis Tito, chairman of Wilshire Associates, who recently paid $20 million to become the world's first space tourist; Robert Haas, chairman of Dallas-based investment fund Haas, Wheat & Partners, and musician Kenny G

© Mary E. Nichols 

Kerry Joyce, Los Angeles


Kerry Joyce is an interior designer and an architect who introduced his own furniture collection five years ago. His celebrity clients include hotelier Ian SchragerTom Freston, chief executive of MTV Networks; and UBS Warburg investment banker Kenneth Moelis. Joyce was among a handful of designers who helped restore the Getty House, the official residence of the mayor of Los Angeles. 

© William Waldron 

Neil Korpinen and Rick Erickson, Santa Barbara

© Kristen Weber 

Beginning about 15 years ago, Neil Korpinen and Rick Erickson do everything from planning the restoration to stocking the refrigerator. Projects include the interior design of a 1920s George Washington Smith estate in Montecito, Calif., and a newly built Tuscan villa in Santa Barbara. Noteworthy clients include actors Bette Midler and Nathan Lane

© Shayne Linn 

Sandra Lindsay, Seattle


Sandra Lindsay has been designing homes for 32 years. With a staff of four, Lindsay specializes in high-end remodeling and new construction. 


Melinda Sechrist, Seattle

© Stewart Hopkins 

Melinda Sechrist founded her firm in 1980. It specializes in interior design, space planning and landscape architecture. She is a past president of the Seattle chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. 

© Stewart Hopkins 

Madeline Stuart, Los Angeles


Madeline Stuart founded her company in 1990 and since then has designed homes mostly in California, New York and Washington. She has done some commercial projects for law firms and movie studios as well. Some noteworthy clients include NBC Studios President Ted Harbert, actor Jason Alexander and film producer Lisa Henson


David Reed Weatherford, Seattle


David Reed Weatherford has designed home interiors in the Pacific Northwest for more than 45 years. His clients are the old guard of Seattle including the Nordstrom, Boeing and Weyerhauser families. When the Sultan of Brunei visited Seattle in 1993 during the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, Weatherford was asked to redecorate eight suites at the Alexis Hotel in two-and-a-half days. 


Craig Wright, Los Angeles


A native of California, Craig Wright completed his first decorating project in 1966. He has worked internationally on projects in France, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico as well as throughout the United States. Wright has been a lecturer at the Smithsonian Institute and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Some of Wright's A-list clients are television producer Tom Werner, actor Dan Ackroyd and movie producer Paul Junger Witt

© Charles White 


The staircase to Steelcase's new Work Cafe. They say it is more than just a place to grab a bite to eat. Outfitted with the office furniture company's latest products, its a place to get work done. 


2012 Design Trends sharing

The design trends of 2012 offer innovations to your interior by combining ordinary creature comforts with luxurious materials and new liberating color schemes with unique décor that will make your great indoors really pop! Here’s the latest for 2012:

The Bold and the Beautiful

David Weekley Homes' professional Design Consultants will help you create your new home in your style.Paint colors take a bold turn in 2012! Don’t believe us, Pantone’s 2012 color of the year is Tangerine Tango. In addition, you may want to try glorious colors like emerald, regal plum, ruby, turquoise, golden yellow tones and exotic corals.

When Opposites Attract

Though these new and vibrant color tones may be too loud for some, don’t be afraid to mix them with shades from a more neutral color palette to create a whole new paint scheme. Try adding bold splashes of color with a luscious cream, comfortable brown or elegant grey.

It’s a Material World

This year, home decor is also getting a luxurious update. Take your home to the next level by layering silky fabrics or velvet on your sofa, accenting with vintage pieces, or go for the natural look with wood, stone or feathers.

Add Some Sparkle

When it comes to lighting, you don’t have to choose basic brushed nickel. Break the mold this year and pick something with pizzazz. In a subtly decorated room, a brightly colored lamp, sconce or chandelier can add that punch of color your room is missing.
This year is about understated luxury and being adventurous with the familiar, so don’t be afraid to bring in some new colors, textures and accent pieces. Happy decorating!


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