Modern Night Club Design

La Cova Night Club” is a new breakthrough in interior design that emerged from Elia Felices. The interior design of this bar is located in Mataro, nearBarcelonaLa Cova Night Club is equipped with variable lighting, furniture designed exclusively by the studio, and the shapes and colors that mimic the ice cave.
The interior is a flowing space with different areas, most of which open and easy to move around, creating a circuit in which people can interact. To emphasize this ease of movement in public areas, the front is made of transparent glass. The project was organized as a long space on a single level that allows for rational distribution and intense client. There are several different areas: thislocker room and ticket office on one side of the entrance. Curved wall with an elegant blue velvet curtain takes us through the same door with the façade and to the dancefloor where the two bars with a long-term counter along the side of good, and the entrance to the toilet is also here. Cabin DJ and regions to the audience were behind, while the stage in the middle. The most limited area, changing rooms and warehouse, located in the deepest recesses of the place. This is design bar La Cova Night Club in Barcelona by Elia Felices