3 out of 4 college graduates may not be able to find job that related to their college major.
7 out of 10 people may not be satisfied with their current job because it is not what they want or like. People always complain that their lives are not happy.
Human desire is unlimited. It is true that life is not fair. But we can make it better.
How to change the way we feel is to change the way we think. It is all about our mind setting.

We are not the perfect ones, but we are unique.
Accept and appreciate ourselves more.

I used to write my own dairy for 5 years back in high school. I stopped writing it when blogging and facebook become popular. When I read the old dairy, it brings me back to the old good time. Time flies quickly, we can never stop a minute. If we do nothing, we are wasting our time. My English writing may not be as good as writing in my primary language, but I do think that 100 words a day would build up somethings for myself. This blog is not designed to please anyone, it is somewhere to keep a promise to myself from this year.

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