Everything has its value in the business world. Gaining more experience increases our competitive value. However, sadly saying, not all experience could be counted fairly.

If a person works as in customer service or human resources department for 3-5 years, is it possible to hop into different field such as engineer? Obviously if the one who does not have any related experience or education background, changing field is not easy. It is hard to convince the boss to hire without solid proven qualification. People judge others' quality base upon their educational level, working experience and reference. Certifications are bonus.

Many of us are not born to be rich, most of the time we need to fight for our career. Not everyone is lucky enough to have somebody helping him or her on the career path. Sometimes we would get lost. Sometimes we would lose the faith. How to make it through? How to ask for opportunity for new path? Seriously nobody cares our lives except ourselves. Nothing is going to be changed even when someone dies if that person is not related to them. Business world is cruel. Our value is based on the power of earning money for the company. Although we could 100% fulfill the hiring requirements during new hire screening process, it does not guarantee our career is secure. If the company finds that we don't have enough earning power, our value decreases, the result is either got fired or if lucky enough get trained. However, not all the company is willing to invest money and time in training new hire. Therefore, we better upgrade ourselves without being asked in advance.

Always be alert and get ready for the next opportunity. Don't give up our dream and goals even if chances have not yet to come.

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